Peter Raupach - owner - entered into the services of Pall Gmbh in the year 1969.
Until 1990 he worked in the field of compressed air processing in customer services
as well as sales in a management position. His slogan always was: "Only by focusing 100 % attention
on reality, customers will be satisified". This slogan is - without any reservation - still valid today.

During his in time in customer service Peter Raupach installed units - small and large - domestic as well as abroad, with a lot of personal engagement, including start-up. Until this day he still is in close contact with
a lot of these customers.

1990 Pall handed the branch compressed air processing through a management buy-out, domestic and abroad over to Pneumatic Products Deutschland GmbH, later Flair Deutschland GmbH. Peter Raupach led this new founded company until 1996 with great business success.


Starting in 1996 the company's name was changed to PNEUMATIC PRODUCTS RAUPACH GMBH (PPR).
At the same time long term employees of the Flair affiliate were taken over. PNEUTMATIC PRODUCTS RAUPACH
hence linked with a successful company history.

All products used by PPR are technically highest quality and of the latest standard - i.e. high-grade steel valves
in absorption dryers, models DHA, CDA and CHA. Worth mentioning is the High-Tech product AMLOC, energy management system which is based on 40 years experience.

PPR customers are represented in all branches of industry as well as in handicraft.

PPR offers advice, installation, customer service all in one hand, no matter if it's highly pure compressed air for pharmceuticals, micro-electronics or compressed air tools. Competent and honest customer service always has been and still is the slogan of PPR.

The flexibility of our customer service speaks for itself. Our highly motivated employees answer all individual demands of our customers, be it weekends or at night, our understanding of a genuine 24-hour service.